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Calla Natural Medicine

Naturopathic Digestive and Hormonal Care


Dr. Lily Martin is a licensed naturopathic doctor offering virtual and in-person holistic care. She has a focus on digestion and hormones, with a goal of overall wellness.



With the goal of finding the root-cause of your illness, we treat the person not the diagnosis. The naturopathic toolkit is vast and includes herbs, supplements, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, homeopathics and more. 


Doctor Lily appreciates the complexity of health and understands that there is more to well-being than a simple treatment for a single diagnosis. She is willing to work with you to uncover the layers of your specific ailments, and discover together your path to health. 

Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call now to see if you and Dr. Lily are a good fit!



In working with Dr. Lily you can expect a  comprehensive intake, thorough testing, personalized treatment plans, and consistent follow-up.


Oregon visits can be in-person in Corvallis, or virtual.

Vermont visits are virtual.


Insurance and cash-pay are accepted in both states.


Not your normal western medicine doctor. I have had 2 other naturopathic doctors before Dr. Martin and she absolutely took the time to get to know me and my body. Always asking questions to understand how things work or don't work for me. She also was always available via portal for questions whenever I needed, responding very quickly. Dr. Martin also was able to help find a healing plan for my PCOS and giving me the resources I needed to finally find Medicine and routine that worked for me. She took the time to search through all the answers rather than just telling me to lose weight and eat better like all the other doctors before her. I am so grateful to have Dr. Martin as part of my healing team and my journey!!!

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